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Our 2011 conference was a success with record attendance. Because of its partial integration with the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, one of the largest employee benefits and healthcare conferences in the U.S., there was over 1,800 attendees from almost 90 countries. Our Ministerial and Governmental Summit at the 2011 conference was its largest ever with Ministries of Health, Chief Medical Officers as well as Medical Attaché's representing over 25 countries.


This year our event, co-located with the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress is taking place on the Beach in Fort Lauderdale/Miami only miles away from Miami's famous South Beach. Step out of sessions or the exhibition hall and take a walk on the beach…

Congress Theme: Creating Partnerships
Collaborating with global colleagues, creating new affiliations and networking to find the best partner.

MTA's Commitment to Excellence

The MTA  is dedicated to bringing you the most up to date information on medical tourism, healthcare and international benefits. In 2011 we had leading keynotes such as President of the American Medical Association, The President of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and the Director of International Benefits for Google presenting on "creating the healthiest employee on the planet."

The MTA  is committed to providing you "Rock Star" speakers who will inspire you and fill you with innovative and creative ideas to take back and implement within your own international benefits programs. Learn from the best case studies and best practices and walk the convention floor to see some of the most innovative solutions for the medical tourism and international health insurance industries.

What's new this year in 2012?
Optional Priority VIP Networking available – Have the ability to have a personal concierge identify potential business partners for you and assist you with scheduling meetings.

Integration with:
  • 3rd Global Benefits Conference

  • Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress


What does the integration between the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress and the 5th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress mean for you?

  • 1,000+ more attendees from the  US & international health insurance industry.

  • For the first time MTA attendees will have access to pre-scheduled networking meetings with senior U.S. healthcare and insurance leaders attending the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress.
  • MTA attendees have access to up to  50 sessions focused on the U.S. insurance and employer healthcare market.