Magazine Launched for Sustainable Healthcare and Hospital Development

Published on : June 22, 2010

Magazine Launched for Sustainable Healthcare and Hospital Development

Magazine Launched for Sustainable Healthcare and Hospital Development

Sustainable Healthcare, Green Healthcare, Healthcare Development and Hospital Development is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and it is estimated that hundreds  of  billions (USD) will be spent in the next 5 years on the investment in healthcare and hospital development and sustainable healthcare projects globally.

Thousands of healthcare projects are being developed around the world with a focus on high quality outcomes and positive patient experience. Hospitals are being designed with the patient experience in mind, focusing on private rooms, natural light, healing gardens and more. Hospitals, clinics and medical offices are focusing on how to go "green" and be sustainable and be environmentally friendly while creating savings. Healthcare Development is growing around the world as cutting edge new hospitals, clinics and healthcare cities are built and hospitals, countries and governments invest in the most cutting edge technology, medical treatments and medications. The magazine's focus is to address these issues.  With over 20,000 readers in over 60 countries, the publication will focus on helping to improve quality around the world and educate those involved in either healthcare development or sustainable healthcare.

I don’t think we could have put a better foot forward in reducing our carbon footprint with the launch of this magazine than to make sure it was “green’ and sustainable by making it an online magazine with no print version.  Today, the internet is where “everyone” gathers their information and data.  Very few people gather information in “print form” anymore.  I know personally, I get all my news from online news internet sites.  I don’t come home and watch the news on TV anymore.   Everything I do today, I do online.  When I am looking for health information, I Google it.  When I apply for group health insurance, I do it online.  When I shop for things, I normally go online.   Today, everything is online, and everything is found through search engines.

Healthcare Industry going green?  Look on the bright side, for those of you who are environmentally conscious, then you can consider reading this magazine is helping go green and helping reduce your carbon footprint!  Since, there is no printed version of this magazine we aren’t cutting down trees to print the paper, making chemicals for the ink, and having trucks spill exhaust into the atmosphere delivering a print version magazine to your door.  You are helping to save the planet.  You and I are doing our share.

About the Author

Renée-Marie Stephano is the editor of the Sustainable Healthcare and Hospital Development Magazine and also a Founder and President of the Medical Tourism Association, also known as the Global Healthcare Association, the first international non-profit trade association for the medical tourism and global healthcare industry. Ms. Stephano also serves as general counsel for the MTA and is Editor of the Medical Tourism Magazine.

Ms. Stephano received her Juris Doctorate degree in Law in Pennsylvania. She has a background in international marketing and health law and then went on to open her own law firm, spending six years serving as general counsel for a US national healthcare administrator which was the first US healthcare administrator to implement medical tourism into both self-funded and fully insured health plans in the United States.

Ms. Stephano works full time for the Medical Tourism Association/ Global Healthcare Association and works with governments, insurance companies and hospitals from around the world  to create strategic marketing plans and helps identify target markets. She has helped many countries and hospitals achieve their goals through the development of healthcare and hospital projects, the attracting foreign patients and international insurance companies. Ms. Stephano works with global health care providers to maintain transparency with respect to quality of care as they increase their flow of patients and she also works with medical travel facilitators to establish best practices to ultimately ensure patient safety. Ms. Stephano also has a passion for growing awareness and education in Sustainable Healthcare solutions.  She may be reached at [email protected]