Sustainable Healthcare and Hospital Development Conference Announced

Published on : June 22, 2010

Sustainable Healthcare and Hospital Development Conference Announced

Sustainable Healthcare and Hospital Development Conference Announced

The Sustainable Healthcare & Hospital Development Conference is the first international healthcare conference focused on healthcare executives, investors of healthcare projects, and government officials involved in the developing and designing of healthcare projects and sustainable healthcare projects that are “Green”, such as hospitals, clinics, medical parks, and medical offices globally.

Whether you are the CEO or Medical Director of an existing hospital or clinic or one that is planning to be built in the future, a consultant, architect, master planner or governmental agency, this is one event you cannot afford to miss.  The conference will provide up to 3,000 networking meetings and networking opportunities for attendees. We will be implementing a special software program that will allow attendees to pick and choose who they would like to pre-schedule a meeting with.  It is our goal to connect you to all the players in the marketplace and to accomplish in three days what may take you a year or more to achieve.

If you are a master planner, consultant, architect or developer, learn about the exciting opportunities available around the world.  If you are a governmental entity, learn what other governments are doing throughout the world and how to attract healthcare projects and investments in your country.   If you are an investor in healthcare projects, come to learn about what are the best opportunities, and best countries to invest in and build healthcare projects clinics or hospitals. This high level international healthcare conference will focus on two of the fastest growing industries in healthcare around the world, Sustainable Healthcare (Green Healthcare and Hospitals) and Healthcare/Hospital Development.  Two industries that are highly integrated as these industries explode in growth around the world.

Within this Conference will be a Ministerial Global Healthcare Reform Conference.  Ministries of Health from around the world will be in attendance to address Global Healthcare Reform, how each country is dealing with it’s own healthcare crisis and healthcare issues, and how they are reforming healthcare in their country to provide quality and affordable healthcare.  The Ministerial Summit will also focus on healthcare development in their country and developing healthcare in a sustainable way.

The Sustainable Healthcare & Hospital Development Conference is the leading international event and will bring together up to 400 top healthcare executives from up to 30 countries for 3 days of advanced education and networking.

If you are involved in or interested in the sustainability or development of healthcare this is one event you can’t afford to miss!

See you in September!

About the author

MaryBeth Luu is the Assistant Editor of the Sustainable Healthcare & Hospital Development Magazine, which is an international electronic online magazine focused on healthcare development and sustainable healthcare projects around the world. Thousands of healthcare projects are being developed around the world with a focus on high quality outcomes and positive patient experience.

Hospitals are being designed with the patient experience in mind, focusing on private rooms, natural light, healing gardens and more. Hospitals, clinics and medical offices are focusing on how to go "green" and be sustainable and be environmentally friendly while creating savings. Healthcare Development is growing around the world as cutting edge new hospitals, clinics and healthcare cities are built. The magazine's focus is to address these issues.  With over 20,000 readers in over 60 countries, the publication will focus on helping to improve quality around the world and educate those involved in either healthcare development or sustainable healthcare. The magazine is the official sponsor of the Sustainable Healthcare Development Conference, where MaryBeth is also the Senior Meeting Manager of this event. You may contact her at

[email protected]