Published on : May 06, 2011

Healthcare Development Projects Lack Resources and Funding

Healthcare Development Projects Lack Resources and Funding

There are tens of thousands of healthcare projects waiting to be developed by healthcare providers and developers globally.  The only thing delaying these projects from being started and completed is funding and investment.  Billions of dollars are needed to fund these healthcare projects and in  today’s economic climate it is very difficult to get the funding. I consistently get requests for help by organizations with a development project looking for the right investors or a source of funding who simply do not know who to talk to or reach out to.

Since we have a great relationship with healthcare investors we decided to bring these two industries together this year, by creating the 1st ever International Healthcare Investment Conference,
which will run side by side with the Healthcare Development Conference, October 26-28th, 2011 in Chicago. The purpose is to bring in healthcare investors interested in investing in healthcare and  hospital projects globally and allow developers and healthcare providers to network and find the right partner for their project.  I feel the addition of this healthcare investment conference will bring the one necessary ingredient that is missing to allow the healthcare development and sustainable healthcare industries to grow.

See you in Chicago in October!

Renee-Marie Stephano