Published on : August 19, 2010

Do You Have a Seat at the Healthcare Development Table?

Do You Have a Seat at the Healthcare Development Table?

I think this picture says a lot.  What do you see?  The glass half full, or half empty?  Some of you see an empty room, I see only lost opportunity.  In about 30 days one of the first gatherings of international healthcare development and sustainable healthcare  will occur in Los Angeles.  There will be in attendance at this and it’s sister conferences attendees from almost sixty countries from around the world.  Some of you will be sitting in these chairs, learning and more importantly networking and creating new global business relationships.  Networking is one of the most important aspects of developing any business and I feel that in the era of the internet we have lost touch with personal relationships and business relationships.  Now everything is so informal, emails have replaced telephone and now rarely people talk.  While email is highly effective some us wonder the lack of success we are having.  We are working hard at emailing people or even calling them, but with little return or results.   That is because we have lost sight of the most effective way to do business, in person. A recent Harvard study found that almost 85% of business people conducted more business and found it more critical to meet in person rather than over the phone or email because of the ability to develop a relationship.  Make sure as September 22nd comes around very fast, that you aren’t left out in the cold and don’t have a seat at the table…

About the Author

Renée-Marie Stephano is the editor of the Sustainable Healthcare and Hospital Development Magazine and also a Founder and President of the Medical Tourism Association, also known as the Global Healthcare Association, the first international non-profit trade association for the medical tourism and global healthcare industry. Ms. Stephano also serves as general counsel for the MTA and is Editor of the Medical Tourism Magazine.

Ms. Stephano received her Juris Doctorate degree in Law in Pennsylvania. She has a background in international marketing and health law and then went on to open her own law firm, spending six years serving as general counsel for a US national healthcare administrator which was the first US healthcare administrator to implement medical tourism into both self-funded and fully insured health plans in the United States.

Ms. Stephano works full time for the Medical Tourism Association/ Global Healthcare Association and works with governments, insurance companies and hospitals from around the world  to create strategic marketing plans and helps identify target markets. She has helped many countries and hospitals achieve their goals through the development of healthcare and hospital projects, the attracting foreign patients and international insurance companies. Ms. Stephano works with global health care providers to maintain transparency with respect to quality of care as they increase their flow of patients and she also works with medical travel facilitators to establish best practices to ultimately ensure patient safety. Ms. Stephano also has a passion for growing awareness and education in Sustainable Healthcare solutions.  She may be reached at: